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Emergency on planet veg?


Every year Freshfel Europe (the trade body representing those in the European fresh produce industry) publishes its consumption monitor. Its consumption figures are based on gross supply by capita, and this year's figures record a significant fall of 14.2% in fresh vegetable consumption.

Whilst the figures can only really be hailed as proof of a trend, taking these figures and comparing where we are with World Health Organisation recommended consumption levels, we're perilously close to the minimum daily intake level as a nation.

This is all a bit disturbing, particularly given the high profile campaigns such as 5 a Day, and initiatives such as the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme which has been running in UK schools for some time now and which is now a feature across European schools too.

www.thinkvegetables.co.uk is undertaking some research into the UK data, and looking at which veg are the successes and which are losing out when it comes to their place on the UK's proverbial dinner plate. Look out for this next month.

Download the Freshfel press release online here

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