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Jersey Royals in full swing


When the weather starts warming up, we're spoilt for choice on some special seasonal lines. The Jersey Royal potato has a tradition and heritage stretching back for generations. The Jersey soil nurtures potatoes that are still planted and harvested largely by hand, with seaweed used as a natural fertiliser, often credited with helping provide that unique Jersey flavour.

For Royals with a twist, try steaming them, roughly crushing them with a fork, add a twist of seasoning and a little butter. Compact them into a round pastry cutter on a plate then remove the cutter to reveal a pretty mini-tower of spuds that's packed full of flavour. Great with roast pork and rosemary.

Anna Sbuttoni from the Fresh Produce Journal recently visited Jersey to report on the island's vegetable industry and the companies behind it. Read her article here.

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