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The Return of the Flower Sprout


You won't have seen anything like a flower sprout before. A cross between the traditional Brussels sprout and kale, the flower sprout has the colour and leafy characteristics of kale growing out of a classic sprout bud.

These small and attractive 'posy' shaped brassicas are the latest discovery by British farmers and will be available exclusively at Marks & Spencer stores this year, available from this week. And flower sprouts will certainly come in handy during these colder months. They're definitely made to keep our energy levels up, having double the amount of vitamin B6 of any other sprout - the vitamin that helps us use and store energy from the food we eat. They've also got twice the amount of vitamin C, helping our immune systems stay fit and healthy. A generous double dose of vitamin E will fight toxins and provide a powerful antioxidant.

Super quick to cook, they're great for family cooking and because they're entirely original, flower sprouts are sure to be a dinner table talking point too. With a nutty, mild, less cabbage-like flavour than other sprout varieties, a 100g portion provides one of your 5-a-day.

Give traditional cooked meals a makeover with this attractive vegetable accompaniment or add a healthy twist to hearty casseroles and one-pot suppers. You can even use these sprouts in warm winter salads and they're great to stir fry in oriental-inspired dishes.

See www.thinkvegetables.co.uk for recipe ideas.

See the Grower Profile of W R Haines on this site to see where these feisty little veggies are grown.

PR enquiries for flower sprouts should go to Pam Lloyd PR on pam@pamlloyd.com

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