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British Vegetables - update from our expert


It's a good time of year for vegetables now. It's a time of new starts - broad beans have been sown and are just starting to germinate. They'll form the start of this year's UK legume crop.

The cold weather has made life difficult for farmers. All the snow and extra-frozen temperatures did disrupt supply somewhat. Purple sprouting broccoli and greens have been held back by the cold, but are starting to re-grow again now we're over the prolonged cold snap. Kale's still growing strong. It's a really hardy crop that seems to withstand whatever the weather can throw at it.

Celeriac and white cabbage are in superb form at the moment. Those crops were all lifted before the cold snap took hold, so stocks are safe and sound in expert storage, helping keep them available for longer.

Top tip of the week - try Jerusalem artichokes. They're in season until March and they're an excellent probiotic source. Stir fry them for something different. They taste like water chestnuts but they're much healthier.

Mr Veg,
11th January

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