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This area of enables you to find which nutrients (vitamins, minerals or phytochemicals) are contained in which vegetables. Choose the nutrient you wish to look at from the drop down list. Once you have done so, think vegetables will produce a list of vegetables divided into the following categories: 'High In', 'Source' and 'Contains'.

The definitions for 'High In'; 'Source' and 'Contains' are as follows:

'High In': An average serving of the vegetable contains enough of a particular vitamin or mineral to provide 50% or more of the Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) for an adult

'Source': An average serving of the vegetable contains between 15% and 49% of the RNI for an adult.

'Contains': An average serving of the vegetable contains some of the nutrient but not enough to be categorised 'Source'.

You can find more about RNIs on the nutrient dictionary page, this also contains a range of information about nutrients and healthy eating.

There are no RNIs for phytochemicals. As a result if a particular phytochemical is contained in a vegetable it will always appear in the 'contains' section of the search regardless of the amount.