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Creamed Sprouts with Chestnuts and Bacon

This is such a great dish that it’s almost guaranteed to win over the most ardent sprout hater. What’s more it is very flexible; great with Christmas dinner but even better with roast game or pork.


450g Brussels sprouts, cleaned and trimmed
25g unsalted butter
1 tbsp olive oil
100g diced pancetta or dry cured bacon
100g cooked, peeled chestnuts
5-6 sage leaves, roughly chopped
120ml double cream


1. Bring a pan of lightly salted water to a boil and cook the sprouts for 4-6 minutes until al dente. Drain them and set aside

2. Heat the butter with the oil in a frying pan and add the bacon. Fry gently for 2-3 minutes until starting to crisp. Crumble the chestnuts roughly and add them to the bacon with the sage leaves

3. Add the sprouts and cream and bring to a good simmer, season to taste before serving

Cook’s Tip
Once the sprouts season is over you can switch them for kale or Savoy cabbage