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Flower Sprout

This newest vegetable on the block, the Flower Sprout first went on sale in early 2010.

It's taken ten years of development by seed company Tozer, using traditional hybridization techniques to cross a Brussels Sprout with Kale to produce a milder, sweeter-tasting, eyecatching vegetable.

The Flower Sprout grows as a Brussels Sprout-type plant, with a tall stem and rosettes forming all the way up to a frill-leafed top. It's extremely winter hardy and the harvest window stretches from October right through until March from a mid-March planting.

How to Use

Use as a vegetable accompaniment to a meal or as an ingredient in a stir fry, broth or soup.

How to Prepare

Wash and trim the stalks if required.

How to Cook

Steam until the colour is bright and intense. Alternatively stir-fry in a little butter.

How to Store

Best kept refrigerated.